Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Data

In order for us to process your orders, you may be asked to provide your personal information (name, surname, profession, destination of shipping the order, e-mail, etc.) every time you visit the website However, you should know that the personal data you provide at is used exclusively for us to improve our services, to better communicate with you and to ensure the smooth operation of the respective service, and is in no case used by any third party (excluding cases provided for by law).

The Company only allows certain individuals working for the company to access your personal data and it is generally forbidden for individuals to access your personal data without prior authorization.

In very rare cases your personal information may be disclosed to companies that cooperate with the Company but always under circumstances related to the processing and execution of your order and provided that your personal information will not be used for illegal purposes.

In case you have any questions or any suggestions or statements that you wish to make regarding the above issues, please contact us, through the special form that you will find at the link

At all times, all users have the right to be informed about and express their objection regarding the further processing of their data, in accordance with the applicable legislation for the protection of personal data.